Thursday, August 03, 2006

Daytrotter and Harry & the Potters

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Harry & the Potters; Daytrotter Sessions

At the end of May, Daytrotter offered up four tracks by the indie rock duo, Harry & the Potters. I'll be completely honest with you. This music won't mean a whole lot if you didn't get the endless references to the multi-million dollar grossing Harry Potter franchise. Then again, the phrase "tonsil hockey" is amusing in any context. The songs are definately listenable. The music is fairly minimal, but they make due with a synth and other assorted instruments. The singer initially sounds like Conor Oberst, but these are no mentally imbalanced pseudo love ballads. Well, they're pretty mentally imbalanced, and...I suppose, since they follow the story...they're ballads. BUT THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Actually, since "The Human Horsepipe" is from Harry's POV, I'd say he's about 800x more conflicted and imbalanced than Conor. Just to clear that up. So, yes, Harry & the Potters sing in the first person about fictional characters who are more effed up than Conor Oberst could ever be. Bottom line: download it.

Best lyric: "Maybe you shouldn't have brought up Cedric Diggory because I'd rather not talk about your dead ex-boyfriend over coffee."

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